Recaps & Voices

It’s been 10 days since Berlin Buzzwords 2023 ended and the first recaps and reviews of the event are in. We already shared Anna Gellers daily recaps (Day One | Day Two) with you, but now also want to look at a few posts by other participants of the event. “Like a return to the […]

This was Berlin Buzzwords 2023!​

Recordings and photos now available, please send us your feedback, the 15th edition is coming up and FOSS Security Campus is around the corner.

Save the date for Berlin Buzzwords 2024!

Berlin Buzzwords 2023 has just concluded, and we already have exciting news for the next edition of #bbuzz! We are thrilled to announce that Berlin Buzzwords will take place on June 9–11, 2024 at Kulturbrauerei! As always, the conference will start with our barcamp on Sunday, followed by two days of conferencing. Stay tuned for […]

Event Report: 2nd day Highlights & takeaways

Here comes part two of Anna Gellers report from Berlin Buzzwords 2023. This article continues upon the post from Day 1 and highlights Anna’s personal key takeaways from the second conference day.

Event Report: 1st day Highlights & takeaways

This report has been written by Anna Geller. Find out about her personal highlights and key takeaways from day 1 at Berlin Buzzwords 2023, starting with the Keynote by Jennifer Ding.

What’s on the food menu at Buzzwords?

photo of a table with deserts on it

We’ve got you covered with our food menu for Berlin Buzzwords 2023! On the menu are delicious options for various dietary preferences including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. Breakfast Monday Beet Hummus Sandwich Farmhouse bread with lollo rosso, green hummus, beet, walnuts and arugula *vegan Tomato-Mozzarella Sandwich baguette with arugula, beef tomatoes, mozzarella and basil pesto […]

Meetup before bbuzz!

On Sunday evening we are organizing a meetup for first time attendees and tattendees and everyone who’d like to join for a drink before the event! We are thrilled to have Nina Müller and Daniela Bentrup, two former organizers of Berlin Buzzwords, join us and prepare you with all you need to know about bbuzz! Get to […]

Travel to #bbuzz with Deutsche Bahn

You can now book your journey to Berlin Buzzwords 2023 using our event train ticket from every train station in Germany for fixed prices starting at 51.90€. To book your ticket simply click the button below or use the following link and make sure to choose “Veranstaltungsticket” (event ticket) during checkout. Prices are fixed at […]

Our schedule is now live!

We have just released the first version of our schedule for Berlin Buzzwords 2023! You can now explore our conference program, find interesting sessions and plan what to attend during your stay at #bbuzz! A few highlights from this year’s program include: We also want to remind you of our traditional Barcamp hosted by Nick […]

Explore our sessions!

You can now explore our lineup of amazing speakers and sessions for this year! You’ll find names familiar from past #bbuzz editions, as well as newcomers amongst our speakers, all discussing the latest in information retrieval, the searchability of large amounts of data and big data processing. We are still adding new sessions to the […]